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  1. Yeah it's time based. You just reset the MOT (emissions check) indicator yourself. I usually do the vehicle check one at the same time.
  2. Picked up the new bus yesterday! It's a Dec 07 (57) E91 330dA M-Sport Touring. Comes with leather, heated seats, Bluetooth, privacy glass, inflatable sport bolsters and voice control. So far I've swapped the grille for the BMW Performance gloss black grille, the back lights for Blacklines and the cup holder covers for LCI ones with chrome accents. The previous owner had already swapped the stereo and aircon controls for LCI ones with chrome highlights so it all matches. Next up, I've got the BMW Alpine HiFi upgrade to fit. Includes an amp in the boot for the fronts and subs and new mids and tweeters. Prob going to fit the M-Sport Auto steering wheel with paddles at some stage too. I'll prob remap it at some stage but I'm loving the 231hp at the mo! A remap will apparently see 335d power (286+hp)!! Pics to follow!
  3. You can reset the MOT indicator yourself just the same as any of the other CBS notifications.
  4. Of course! Why else would I buy an E91 330d or 335d touring with a huge boot! BMW 335d 320d 335i 330i 330d E91 E90 E92 E93 BMW Estate BMW Remap BMW Xenon Lights E90 Angel Eyes BMW E90 Alpine BMW E92 IDrive Professional NAvigation Nav Pro Business Xenon Adaptive Remap Alloys Winter Tyres Snow Socks Autosock dynavin cd changer carbon fibre avus blue le mans blue E90 sapphire black E92 M-Sport 335d
  5. Of course!! Except this time, I'll have a touring!!
  6. It's German, but it basically means facelift. Some people say it stands for Life Cyce Impulse. But yeah.. facelift. The LCI E9x got nicer lights etc. I think it made more of a difference in the E90/1 than it did on the E92/3. The saloons and tourings look really good now, especially in M-Sport guise!
  7. Ok so it's still the best part of a year away.. but! Shall we do a joint E46 / E90Zone stand / camp next year? Hopefully getting the bids in early will mean we get a half decent stand this time.. Plus, the camp would be fooking epic! Thoughts?
  8. These lights have proved difficult to get hold of but I just got an email from MStyle who've quoted £285 for the set plus an extra £83.47 if you want fitting. They're pretty damn nice if you ask me and a damn sight cheaper than having to buy OEM xenons. If you're not aware, these are the P90 V2s that have the LED turn signal like the LCI xenon lights.
  9. Here's a link to the original install instructions for the Alpine HiFi retrofit, BMW part number 65410445684. Fir some reason they don't come with the kit!! Note that the kit doesn't come with the plastic mouldings for the windows on E90/91 cars - these are available separately for about £15 each. http://www.bec-list.co.uk/Downloads/BMWAlpineInstall.pdf
  10. Hope this helps someone. Here is more of the finished job... Once I've done the E91, I'll post up any differences.
  11. Borrowed from E90 post. Here is what is needed to do the installation. 30-45 minutes time 5/16 socket??? (it fit pretty good didnt have the metric size) 1/4 socket wrench 1/4 extension screw driver (flat) plug remover (no neccesary, but good to have) 1 can of squirt you can start with what ever, bootlid or sides. I started with trunk. unplug all the plug with the flat screw driver. Use your hand or the plug remover to remove the plugs. Now you have access to the back of the taillight. Unscrew the nut seen. There's only 1. Remove taillight carefully. Do not force, it should come out easy. Now, replace it with the blackline taillight, making sure the side piece is hooked around the side of the bootlid, see picture: The inside part hooks onto the panel inside, see in picture (poor shot) Now tighten the nut. It should pull the taillight down. Make sure you only hand tighten this piece. Do not over tighten, you might break something. For putting back the carpet piece, just reverse the previous steps. Here is a picture of the black line taillight with the stock side. not bad!!! Now for the side, remove the carpet cover. Pull from the upper corner downwards, (this is for the left side.) Now the back of the side taillight is exposed. Unscrew the 3 nuts and remove the taillight. Replace with blackline taillight. sorry no pictures, camera ran out of battery. For the other side, turn the black knob like, it should expose the battery of the car. This side is much easier. Before putting things back, check all the bulbs to see if it works, so you have to take the panels out again. ***you have to align the taillight center yourself. hand tighten the side and adjust to the way you like. then tighten with the socket.
  12. A link to an excellent PDF guide on how to upgrade the standard under seat subs to the Earthquake SWS-8 ones. Note there are two versions of the subs. The 2 ohm and the 4 ohm. The 2 ohm is better if you are keeping standard amplification and the slightly cheaper 4 ohm if you are planning the amp upgrade too. The guide goes through an aftermarket amp install but I'll put up a separate guide on the oem Alpine amp and speaker upgrade. Here's the link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/47031/BMW%20e90%20Sub%20and%20Amp%20Upgrade%20-%20PDF.pdf
  13. I'll format this properly when I get on my PC rather than phone.
  14. Regional differences The intent of this document is to describe the differences of the E90 range cars to different geographical areas. Regional differences to the cars exist due to local marketing reasons. The local importer can pretty much have the base cars configured as they see fit, and can offer option packs to bundle certain options in a more price competitive way. Pretty much everywhere options are available in à la carte menu, apart from North-America, where only a few engines are available, with a few option packs. The standard equipment levels for the North-America models are however very high, for a very low price due to the high volumes sold. But certain options are simply not available. Also in Britain and Ireland, BMW offers so called 'ES' and 'SE' editions, which do not exist in other countries. This is again due to local marketing, as the other manufacturers have similar editions. Base car Editions ES British/Irish designation for the entry-level equipment model Only available for 316i, 318i, 320i, 318d and 320d cars SE British/Irish designation for a model with higher equipment levels Adds the following options in Britain above ES spec: 249 - Multifunction steering wheel 540 - Cruise Control 507 - PDC Rear 534 - Automatic AC 563 - Interior lights package 431 - Interior rear-view mirror with anti-dazzle function M-Sport Adds the following features not otherwise available: M-Sport Aero-dynamic kit 704 - M-Sport Suspension 710 - M-Sport Steering wheel 2MF - 193M or 2ME - 194M type rims 381 - Option for Le-Mans Blue paintwork The M-Sport option is not available in North-America British/Irish M-Sport models also have the SE equipment levels Engines Petrol/Gas 316i - Only available in Norway and Malaysia due to extreme high taxes on engine capacities. No longer available in Ireland after change to CO2 based car tax system in 2008 318i - Not available in North-America 320i - Not available in North-America 320si - Limited edition (2600 units) model with a modified engine to compete in the FIA WTCC. Not available in North-America 320 M Sport (Malaysia Only) Valvetronic 4 cyl upgraded from 150hp to 156hp. 323i - Only available in Canada 325i / 325xi - No longer available in North-America as of MY07, still available in other parts of the world. North-America model was a 3.0l de-tuned, where for the rest of the world it is a proper 2.5l 328i / 328xi - Introduced with MY07. Only available in North-America (de-tuned 3.0l engine) 330i / 330xi - No longer available in North-America as of MY07, still available in other parts of the world 335i - Introduced with MY07. In Greece 316 and 318 are available as a lower-cost luxury car Diesel Diesel engines are not currently available in North-America, but this is set to change in the future. 318d 320d 325d / 325xd 330d / 330xd 335d - Introduced with MY07. Lights and Indicators North-American cars have either orange reflectors in the headlights (E90 or E91), or orange reflectors on the front fenders (E92 or E93). This is due to US Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements (and probably something similar in Canada?) In addition North-America does not get the rear fog lights (actually the lights are present, but the switch is missing to turn them on). Locks and Keys There are three ways of opening or closing all the windows (and sun roof) in one go: - Keep lock/unlock button on keyfob pressed for several seconds (This does not work on North-American cars) - Turn key in driver-side doorlock and keep it rotated for several seconds - With the Comfort Access (CA) option by keeping your finger on the driver side door handle sensor for several seconds (This does not work anymore for MY07 cars?) Prior to MY07 a valet key was included, this has since been removed (is this correct for all countries, or did only the UK and NA get the valet key in the first place?) Flashlight North-American cars get a flashlight in the glovebox. Any other countries that get it? Netherlands and Belgium do not. Dashboard storage space Euro-spec cars have a small closable storage space in the dashboard, on the lower-left-hand side of the steering wheel (right-hand side for those who drive on the left). North-American cars instead have additional knee protection built into the dashboard. Options Air-conditioning Two air-conditioning options are available: Manual AC Default in most countries and ES spec in UK 534 - Automatic AC Default in the US (and UK for SE and above spec) Default on all but the 323i in Canada Default on 330i/330xi/330d/330xd/335i and 335d cars in Belgium 302 - Alarm The alarm is standard equipment in a few countries (Belgium, UK, others?). In most other countries it is a separate option, and can be installed at the factory, except for North-America where it is a dealer-installed option. Functional wise, Euro-spec cars give only a visible indicator when locking/unlocking the car, where North-American cars give both visible and audible indicators - this can be coded however. 775 - Anthracite Headlining Not available in North-America (standard with M-Sport spec in UK) Audio Speakers Three audio speaker systems are available: Basic (if someone has a better name...) 6 speaker system Default in most countries (UK spec cars with the professional audio system also have two 8" subwoofers under the front seats) 676 - HiFi - 10 speaker amplified system (incl 2 subwoofers) Default in the US Default on all but the 323i in Canada 677 - HiFi Pro DSP/Logic 7 Audio System Two different audio systems are available: Radio Business Audio Default audio system in most countries Not capable of playing MP3 discs Not compatible with Bluetooth phone option Not compatible with the CD Changer unit Not compatible with HiFi Pro/Logic 7 speaker option 663 - Radio Professional Audio Default in North-America and the UK 612 - BMW Assist Not yet available in all countries. Supported countries: Canada Germany United Kingdom United States ? BMW Individual Provides the following options: 490 - BMW Individual Paint Finish (Five colours) 1XX - BMW Individual Merino upholstery (Six colours) BMW Individual Trim (Four colours) BMW Individual Leather Steering Wheel with Wood Inserts BMW Individual Entry Sills BMW Individual Rims (type 152) BMW Individual High Gloss Satin Chrome BMW Individual is not currently available in North-America Cruise Control Four possibilities exist: - NO Cruise Control (ES spec cars in Britain and Ireland & 323i in Canada) - Cruise Control Standard in most countries on 4-cylinder models - Cruise Control with brake function (known as Dynamic Cruise Control) Standard on most 6-cylinder models - 541 - Active Cruise Control - Option only available on 6-cylinder models 200 - Diesel Particulate Filter Standard on the 325d, 325xd, 330d, 330xd and 335d. Also standard on the 318d and 320d in Germany, Netherlands, UK and Switzerland post 2006. Interior Lights Packages Four and six cylinder cars have different standard lights: 4 Cylinder Standard: Single Central light for front passengers Option 563 - Adds lights in door handles; exit lights underneath doors; lights in footholds for front passengers; reading lights for front and rear passengers; vanity mirror lights; central light for rear passengers 6 Cylinder Standard: Lights in footholds for front passengers; Central light for front passengers; Central light for rear passengers; reading lights for front and rear passengers; vanity mirror lights Option 563: - Adds lights in door handles; exit lights underneath doors The additional lights option is standard equipment in the following cases: North America 335i and 335d in Belgium 6-cylinder cars in Europe Navigation Two different Navigation options exist: 606 - Business Navigation - This gives arrows only on the display, with no option for displaying a map (pre 58 plate - Business Nav in LCI has map and arrow but smaller screen and no media ability) - Not available in North-America 609 - Professional Navigation - Includes 'voice control' option and 'Nav DVD' media in North-America Navigation is not available in all countries (like Mexico), due to missing maps. Paintwork The following paint colours are available: Non-Metallic 300 - Alpine White A61 - Crimson Red - Introduced as of MY07 Electric Red - Withdrawn as of MY07 668 - Jet Black Metallic A34 - Arctic A41 - Barrique Red 475 - Black Sapphire A43 - Deep Green A35 - Monaco Blue A51 - Montego Blue - Introduced as of MY07 Mystic Blue - Withdrawn as of MY07 381 - Le Mans Blue - Only available as part of M-Sport package A23 - Sonora A22 - Sparkling Graphite 354 - Titanium Silver A52 - Space Gray - Only on E92 BMW Individual Metallic paint colours on E90/E91 S34 - Azurite Black S23 - Ruby Black S11 - Blue Onyx S10 - Malachite Green FQ95-4472 - Brass S37 - Moonstone PDC Two different PDC options exist. 508 - Park Distance Control (front and rear) Not available in North America 507 - Park Distance Control - Rear (standard on SE and above in UK) 493 - Storage Package (Interior) Consists of the following: Two front cupholders - Standard in North-America and the UK Two rear power sockets (in the back of the centre console/armrest) - Not available in North-America Front Seatback storage nets - Standard in North-America 402 - Sun Roof US gets the sun roof as standard equipment 3AC - Towbar (Concealed) Not available in North-America Trims The following trims are available: 4AD - Brushed Aluminium - Only available as part of M-Sport package 4AB - Burr Walnut Wood 4AC - Poplar Wood 4AG - Titan Matt Standard trim In addition the following trims are available with BMW Individual for E90/E91: 7961670 - Aluminium Barite Silver 0690 - Birch Anthracite 1092 - Piano Finish Black 0431 - Walnut Amarone 601 - TV Function (for Professional Navigation screen) supports the following standards: Analog (PAL, Secam?, ?) DVB-T - Not available in North-America Upholstery The following upholsteries are available Cloth - Not available in North-America ANAT - Blue Shadow with Anthracite Alcantara - Only available as part of M-Sport package on E90/E91 ALAT - Anthracite Fluid ALB4 - Beige Fluid - Only on E90/E91 ALAD - Gray Fluid Cloth/Leather - Not available in North-America FFAT - Anthracite FFB5 - Blue FFB6 - Quartz Gray FHAT - Pearlpoint Anthracite/Black - Only on E92 Leatherete/Sensatec -This is the default upholstery in North-America KASW - Black KAB4 - Beige Leather - This is the default upholstery on 335i/335d cars sold in Belgium LCB4 - Dakota Beige - Only on E90/E91 LCAD - Dakota Gray LCB7 - Dakota Lemon - Not available in the USA - Only on E90/E91 LCSW - Dakota Black LCB8 - Dakota Terra - Only on E90/E91 LCD1 - Dakota Coral Red - Only on E92 LCD2 - Dakota Jade Gray - Only on E92 LCD3 - Dakota Sadel Brown - Only on E92 LCGE - Dakota Cream Beige - Only on E92 BMW Individual Leather on E90/E91 8029969 - Merino Syrah Blue 8025170 - Merino Polar Gray 8025169 - Merino Champagne 8025167 - Merino Albedo Yellow 8029970 - Merino Rusty Brown 8025168 - Merino Amarone
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